🍀 Our nomination to Tatler's Gen T Future Leaders & the next steps for Atlas 🌊

Atlas in the news, the angels syndicate machine is running, Atlas Fund One, #jointhetsunami.

This week was a big week for Atlas.

9 months after the public launch of Atlas, we reached 3 milestones, within a few days:

  • 🍀 We got nominated by Tatler’s Gen T, representing Asia’s Future Leaders, “For focusing funding on vital sustainability tech innovations”. alongside the founder of Flashexpress, Thailand's first Unicorn.

  • 💹 We are in the midst of completing the third investment of our angel syndicate (News and special blog post coming soon!)

  • 💸 We received the first verbal commitment from a family office to invest the first $1m in Atlas Fund. (What? A fund?! yes, you will learn about it below)

So now, yes, a fund… Let’s get into it

From Atlas Society to Atlas Capital

Strong of more than 87 impact angel investors across 5 continents, in less than a year, Atlas Society has become the largest community of ESG-focused investors in early-stage startups. Our investment club, our Atlas Society, is growing and we are aiming to cap its members worldwide to 1000 in the next coming years.

In the meantime, after the success of our pilot as an investment syndicate, receiving more than 370 investment opportunities in just a few months, and after investing in 3 companies last 2 quarters, we are now stepping up and incorporating our first investment vehicle, 🙌 “Atlas Capital Fund One”. 🙌

Unveiling… The Atlas HQ team

Interested in inspiring a new type of investors, not just chasing unicorns but seeking to focus funding on vital sustainability tech for our society and our planet; they have joined Atlas boat when it was almost empty. They have worked very hard to make this idea a reality, and they have the creativity and the energy to take this thing much further than what we initially anticipated. 😍

Be part of the ESG tsunami

For years, huge fortunes have been built off actions that harm our planet and our civilization. Atlas is opening the door to allow everyday people to invest in the companies that are building businesses around the mission of saving the earth for generations to come. This is the battle of the century and we will help as many people as we can to be part of it through finance & tech entrepreneurship. Hence, the creation of the Atlas Society and Atlas Funds is much bigger than us and only God knows the number of people we will positively impact during the next decade of this Atlas journey. 🌊

If you are interested in joining our society or want to receive some documentation about our new fund please click the button below and say hi!


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