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How will your company survive environmental changes such as COVID-19, climate change, technology disruption, and political reshuffling happening in the next few years? What is your cheat sheet, your compass, to adapt to this immediate future? This is what The Adaptive Economy Newsletter is trying to answer providing a simple, accessible overview of what are the trends, insights, and opportunities for the next 10-20 years ahead, for you to stay ahead of the curve while taking advantage of these upcoming events to thrive!

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How will you survive environmental changes such as climate change, COVID-19, technology disruption, and political reshuffling happening in the next few years? Here is your cheat sheet, your compass, to adapt to this immediate future with positive stories


Djoann co-founded GetLinks, funded by Alibaba at age 24. Tech Entrepreneur, Investor & Author recognized by media like Forbes, Fast Company, New York Times.