The next Tesla might be among these 5 companies. Be watching, or be the solution…

Introducing the 5 Atlas Ventures of 2021. We kept you waiting? Well here they are, now eyes on you to support them. Help us share the message of Atlas and build a global sustainability tech movement.

Be watching, or be the solution…

Since the launch of Atlas Society, for my birthday on February 16th, we have been very busy trying to get this thing up and running. This week we are glad to tell you that we walked the talk and actually put together an actual syndicate of nearly 100 angel investors across 25 cities in our Atlas Society. Moreover after almost 70 discussions since March, we have curated 5 companies in which we strongly believe in their capacity to make profits and making real impact, while following the investment thesis of my book: The Adaptive Economy.

For our laser focused investment thesis, here are the 3 problematics we cared about in 2021:

  • Regenerating our planet’s biosphere, forests and oceans.

  • Feeding the world sustainably and in a circular manner.

  • Sharing the access to high paid tech jobs to everybody.

Atlas Ventures Program is a 12 weeks fundraising support aiming to connect sustainability tech companies with investors sensible to sustainability. In that sense the 5 companies we selected alongside this investment thesis will be meeting 12 investors during the program and be promoted to our wider network.

After working so much on this last few weeks, we were are able to kick off Atlas Ventures Program last Thursday on Zoom for our Slack Members and I’m glad to share the details of how it went to you with our YouTube recording today. 

Now, finally, here are Atlas Ventures pitch videos, for your entertainment:

Trashlucky - An exited Ecommerce CEO went surfing, turned into building the 4.0 recycling infrastructure for his country.

Managing waste is a big deal for the 6th biggest polluting country in the world. While governments are busy coping with the pandemic, with food delivery and ecommerce packaging: the output of plastic trash have never been higher. This company uses IOT, gamification and eCommerce delivery to turn waste into millionaires. Check out their story and business model here.

Evergrow - Enabling the world largest automated vertical farming facilities, with container farms and IOT.

Traditionally, farming is done in open fields, water is spread on the land and fruits, vegetables etc. are growing while the water evaporate to clouds. Powered by the latest innovations of IOT, vertical farming and controlled environment farming is enabling tripling the food production while saving 90% of the water. Check out their story and business model here.

Sens Food - 60% of proteins we produce are use to feed animals we eat for… proteins. They are challenging this.

Of the 104m km2 habitable spaces our planet provide, we are using 51% of this for agriculture and 77% of this agriculture output is used to feed livestock’s, in which 62% of this livestock is used to feed other livestock. In April 2021, Robert Downey Junior’s VC Fund decided to put a stop to that nonsense, by investing 200m$ in Ynsect, a similar player in the alternative protein field. We believe Sens Food could be the next big one to produce proteins for aquaculture and pets. Check out their story and business model here.

Adaptivity - Unemployment is the fastest growing market in the world, they bet AI & reskilling can solve that.

In APAC, during the pandemic alone, more than 81m jobs have been crushed, and an estimated high time record of suicides have been registered in the poorest parts of our society. People simply can’t cope loosing their income to tourism and other traditional industries. In the meantime, millions of well paid jobs have been created by eCommerce and the wider Digital Economy, however the lack of awareness in how to access these careers create the largest mismatch of demand and supply in the work history called the “Digital Talents Crunch”, and only a few wealthy access to these tech jobs today. This is unfair and Adaptivity wants to solve this digital employability problem with AI and reskilling for vulnerable blue collars as well as Fortunes 500. Check out their story and business model here.

Wildchain - Our past 50 years of activity have crushed 70% of the wildlife. Well, now you can use your bitcoins to stop this madness.

If nothing is done, by 2050, the UN estimates that humans will have wiped out 98% of the biosphere. Your kids will never see a deer, a bear, an elephant etc. Still, the only thing most of us think about these days is spending money in Ripple, Bitcoin, NFTs and other gambles. So why not using now your crypto to sponsor a wild animal to be protected through an NFT smart contract that you will own for your while life as a wildlife conservationist? This is the crazy amazing product this company is building. Check out their story and business model here.

The beginning of our journey need your help.

To make all this happen, we had the help of our amazing Altas Society Team and I would like to recognize them: with Jet, interviewing startups and producing dozens of video interview on our Youtube Channel, with Pupe we got online events and social media running well, with Etienne we reviewed the applicant’s financials and interviewed each founders, with Fit, we talked with Asian family offices and formulated the strategy and lastly with our interns, we saved lot of time on operations.

But that’s not all: A lot of supporters, maybe including you, answered our phone calls, referred us investors, spent hours with us brainstorming strategy and shared our stuff on social media: The Atlas team and I are grateful for you to be part of the beginning of this journey, Big Thank You!

Now how you can help?

If it is not done yet, apply to join our Atlas Society by clicking here and be part of the people driving the solutions to our planet and society crisis. That is the way we can get in touch and chat how you would like to contribute to the Atlas.

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