The book is here!

You are now part of this new adventure and join the new global, thriving and exclusive Think Tank of the readers of the book!

Dear supporter,

You are part of the first 1000 people supporting me in writing my book, and for that, I will be eternally supporting you with the network I'm building for any initiatives you may have.

The Adaptive Economy Ebook is released, and if you can pardon my french typos, you will have a good time!

How will you survive environmental changes such as climate change, COVID-19, technology disruption, and political reshuffling happening in the next few years?

With the recent climate events, the technology disruption happening with AI, the global pandemic, and the political reshuffling of China/US: There never been a better time to read The Adaptive Economy! This book is your cheat sheet, your compass, to adapt to these immediate changes in our environment and thrive within the new post-pandemic world.

What are the trends, insights, and opportunities for the next 10-20 years ahead, for you to stay ahead of the curve while taking advantage of these upcoming events to thrive! 

Like software, I actually want this book to evolve with the knowledge brought by the community we build around it. You can contribute to the book by sending me data, blogs, and topics you think will be interesting for the V2. 

Good news (April 2021) all Printed orders have been delivered!

More than a "Book", this is the trigger of my next move for the next 10 years: focusing on providing deeply impactful help to the people who surround me and share the same vision of the future, which I call the community fund around The Adaptive Economy. 

This community & investment fund will materialize in 2021 with the launch of Atlas Capital a fund of my personal money alongside with few wealthy individuals I had the chance to meet during my last 10 years journey to support companies in the industries mentioned in the book.

Feel free to share a light appetizer of these cheat codes with your loved ones through my blog here.

In any case, I wish you some epic luck for your 2021 dreams to happen, and I will be making time for you here if you need the help of my network for your projects to materialize. Stay Strong.

Sincerely, Djoann.

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