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This is an incredible time to be human.

In this global turmoil situation, many people tend to forget this.

We are seeing things that never happened before in the entire history of our species.

  1. Over the past 100 years, the average human lifespan has more than doubled. People used to live until 40 years old, now they live until 80!

  2. Good or bad: The average per capita income has tripled. More than half of humanity can now access food without having to hunt it!

  3. Childhood mortality has come down to a factor or 10. The cost of electricity has dropped by 20 times, enabling access to advanced knowledge on mobiles at affordable cost for most humans in emerging markets.

  4. The cost of transportation has dropped by 100 times, enabling almost any milenial to fly to explore another country.

  5. In fact, Steve Pinker research showed that we are living in the most peaceful time ever in human history.

  6. Think of this: in America today, the majority of people under the poverty line still have electricity, water, toilets, refrigerators, mobile phones, cars and air conditioning. The wealthiest robber barons of the last century, the past emperors of this planet could never have dreamed of such luxuries.

We truly are living in an extraordinary time. And many people tend to forget this. Because we keep setting our expectations higher and higher. In fact, we redefined what poverty means.

Of course every day, we hear tales of first terrorism last decade, then climate change last 2 years, then now pandemic and new economic crisis…

So much that we often feel there is nothing we can do;

So it is easier to then give up on life and switch to autopilot mode, playing video games, watching Netflix, or spending time on social media.

But perhaps there is some positive we don’t talk about, today.

So let’s look at the positives of today’s economy snapshot to start thinking:

“What can I do as an individual living in this 21st century to contribute to writing history, solve the planet’s problems, and participate in giving our children an exciting world worth living in?”

This is what The Adaptive Economy is all about: Thinking positively about what opportunities are for you to thrive and build things that matter in the next 10 years.

2021 is here, are you ready?