Public launch of my book & materialization of a 10 years dream: Atlas.

Public launch of my first book, a 10 years prophecy is materializing, announcement of Atlas Society, a private social network for sustainable tech leaders.

Last week was a great milestone for The Adaptive Economy.

We finally launched publicly my first book, The Adaptive Economy. Not shy anymore to speak about what is truly moving me and my community, and here it is. But that’s really not all. Check it out.

10 years ago

I first discovered what “Impact” meant 10 years ago when I was still a student.

In Paris, I got the chance to meet some random folks, one of them was Thomas Landrain and another weird bird was Benjamin Tinq & Xavier Duportet.

I first joined my PhD student friend Thomas as one of the first 5 founding members of La Paillasse, Europe's first hacking, robotics & biotech Makerspace, which at that point was situated illegally in an abandoned garage from SNCF (the french trains company).

A few weeks later I was helping Benjamin as a volunteer organizing Ouishare Fest, the first sustainability festival in Europe which became a community of 100,000+ members around the world promoting a sustainable way of living ( recycling, solar energies, hydroponics, distributed farming, etc).

A few months later La Paillasse was gathering 100+ people per meetups, ranging from cyber hackers from Annonymous hiding using our IP, Ph.D. students who wanted a space to hack at night out of the academy, to design school students who wanted to make some tech people use 3D printers or drones. And that is when the Maire of Paris discovered us through the police raiding our space to kick us out first, then by inviting us to her office and giving us 1m$ to start a proper space in the middle of Paris highest society area: my first NGO experience was born.

We got the chance to finally materialize our dreams, having a massive 700 sqm space to enable anyone who wanted to learn tech, no matter their background, no matter their ambitions.

Top left to bottom right: (1)La Paillasse in WIRED magazine, (2) Our makerspace & open tech academy (3)La Paillasse visited by the Governor of Paris, (4)Our space map, (5)Find me

It was all exciting and growing fast, but… we didn’t have any experiences to run an NGO, neither a massive space, neither a massive online global community of 100,000 hackers & makers following our projects across 6 other marker spaces partners.

That is when I realized I needed to go back to school… Business school… and I decided to take this opportunity to do something completely different than my NGO saving the world inspirations and joined an Ecommerce company Lazada in South East Asia to learn business for a while. A year later I was starting GetLinks, which you know took me 6 years to build up to this stage of being a multi-million dollar business.

Last year

1st January last year, in the conclusion of my book, The Adaptive Economy, I was writing:

“The Achilles heel of this text which claims to channel economic, political and moral effects towards new challenges is that the reader ends up in a legitimate position to ask at the end “All that seems pretty good to hear, but at the end, what do I do tomorrow and what this can practically change for me, my friends and surrounding this year? Should I start organizing meetups? Shall I invest in a bunker? Or in biotechnology?

There is a solution: engineering a new economical, political and moral paradigm based on sustainable technology and more conscious society. Saving our planet is the one job of our generation, and we need to give everyone some hope for this to happen, we need to give everyone a new Eldorado to join, a new reality to be part of, a new society, Atlas society.”

It is now happening, and you can be part of it!

The prophecy is happening

And after 10 years of waiting, it was time.

To my relentless readers, last week was a great milestone for The Adaptive Economy. We publicly announced and launched Atlas Society alongside 1000+ online viewers.

Atlas, the society and movement I have though about 10 years ago and announced in the conclusion of the book 1 year ago is finally started to materialize with a kick off event, and hopefully the first of a long journey.

Atlas is now being launched in 13 cities including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Paris, Munich, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Seoul, Tokyo.

Fellowships applications are opened for these cities and being invited will give the exclusive access to our secret weapon: the Atlas Society platform.

Atlas Society is an invite-only social network for positive, tech, and sustainable-minded mover and shapers. The goal is to connect mentors and menteers around the topic : “How does a sustainable tech civilisation look like and how can we get there by 2050 through entrepreneurship, investments and political activism?”

Our private social network enables the fellows that got invited to :

  • Connect with strong mentors from Exited tech entrepreneurs, Angel investors, VC funds managers, Fortunes 500 Corporate executives, Policymakers, Renown artists, Social Media Influencers & event some Hollywood actors.

  • Network & share value with other chapters around the world with a dedicated Newsfeed curating positive sustainable tech & ESG news every day.

  • Chat online with all the members of the community and ask for help from the local chapters to scale projects on a global scale.

  • Participate in global and local discussions during online and offline events the first Thursday of every month.

As one of my long-time readers, you are welcomed to join the revolution, help us shape this new movement, share your thoughts, interact and discover new views, and contribute to projects.

Apply for Atlas Society Fellowship