It's been a crazy year, but...

It is still the best time to smile.

Dear friend,

Yes, it’s been a crazy year. But still, I dare to smile more than ever.

Firstly, protests all around the world (Yellow Vests, Black Lives Matter, Democracy in Hong Kong/Thailand); then apocalyptic heat fires in Australia, California; then Trump against China; then global pandemic threatening our elders and an infinite lockdown in most countries; then 130m people jobless & and the biggest economic downturn of the past 100 years…

But, I and no less than 900+ visionary CXOs, entrepreneurs, policymakers, economists, and philosophers believe it is still the best time to be a human. Why? How? What? I worked more than 2 years on putting this all together in my first book, the Adaptive Economy. Take a sip of positivity. Order the Adaptive Economy and enter the Slack network of people not going through the decade, but leading it and shaping it.

In fact, with the current global pandemic and lockdown, we are living in, there never been a better time to read The Adaptive Economy.

“The pandemic is leading not just to a partial economic shutdown but to a paradigm shift: from a globalized & traditional economy to a hyperlocalized, decentralized, information-based, adaptive economy” Huffington Post

Relying on the insights of 900+ experts I have spoken to last decade & the analysis of 12 key industries that Gartner is predicting to thrive next decade, The Adaptive Economy is your cheat sheet, your compass, to adapt to these immediate changes in our environment and to stay ahead of the curve in the next decade.

What is in for you in this book:

  • Why you and our world will be very different

  • 100 things that will change and that you can prepare yourself to adapt to.

  • How can you adapt to COVID-19 new normal, AI revolution & other climate environmental changes?

  • What to do now, where to work, where to invest & tips to share with your friends.

The first prints of The Adaptive Economy are here! Support your loved ones to thrive in a fast-changing environment.

Receive the book

Once read, feel free to share with me by email your suggestions, ideas of what cheat codes you are interested in, and content you think would be useful to you.

In any case, I wish you some epic work from home and lockdown meditations, and if you need my support or advice for your projects to materialize, get the book to access the Slack with all the best people in my network. 

Stay positive, be adaptive.

Sincerely, Djoann.