Here are the 5 companies Atlas will be helping raise their next round next 12 weeks!

Over 70 companies applied to Atlas Ventures Program and we selected 5 based on the investment thesis of The Adaptive Economy. Come discover them Thursday at 5 pm ICT on Zoom!

For you, reader, Atlas selected 5 promising sustainability tech companies saving the world today AND not (yet) valued at nonsense valuations (like Tesla for example).

Following the launch of Atlas Society in March this year with the aim of helping startups in the sustainability space, we are proud to kick off our 12-week Atlas Ventures Program where 5 selected startups will be connecting every week with the investors of the Atlas network (including you?). These 5 startups cover industries that are crucial towards advancing sustainable technology and reducing our industry’s negative footprint on the planet.

All eyes on the mission

“Atlas Society is a network of entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives, and influencers building a technological future that is both inclusive to all humans and sustainable for the planet’s future.”

Why Atlas Ventures Program? In the midst of what is scientifically recognized as the 6th mass planetary extinction, we believe that the Titan Atlas is having a lot of work right now, alone, holding all the pressure humanity has put on our only habitable planet.

We believe tomorrow’s heroes will be founders with companies that will demonstrate economic growth that benefits both the society as a whole and our planet. This is why at Atlas, we believe this problem is actually a market opportunity, with a market size:

Sustainability tech startups face a unique path compared to other startups. They require a more robust network full of experts, influencers, investors, and potential partners who are already sensitive to why sustainability & tackling the climate change crisis is so important this decade.

This is why we are creating a global society of entrepreneurs, investors, and citizens to support him on that task of preserving Earth via establishing a sustainable civilization through tech entrepreneurship.

Atlas Venture Program is an inclusive fundraising support 12 weeks online Bootcamp for startups CxOs selected on the belief that their business holds the key to advancing society and reversing the environmental collapse. During the 12 weeks, the selected sustain tech startups will meet the 80 angels in Atlas Capital’s investment syndicate as well as partners VCs investing specifically in the ESG sector.

Develop sustainable assets.

For investors, many feel like investing in tech is great, but investing in tech that is useful and here to provide a better future to our children is even better. The ESG sector - investment funds that focus on Environmental, Social, and corporate governance issues, has become a rapidly growing trend in financial markets as climate risk leads investors to reassess their positions and how it affects the bottom line and the earth. As part of the broader stakeholder capitalism movement, impact investing funds have topped $250 billion (CNBC) and sustainability assets have doubled in value over the past three years.

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 “It’s not a question of choosing between costs of investing in sustainable transformation and profits. These should go together. It’s a question of re-framing our minds. You do not breathe or eat. You have to do both.” The Atlas

Here is why Atlas is a new type of Venture Capital, enabling individuals in Atlas Society to participate in the support of the portfolio companies at every level of their capacity: as citizens, Atlas Society members invest in the network by consuming the products of the Atlas Ventures; as corporate partners, Atlas Society members can enable collaborations between their companies and Atlas Ventures, and as Investors Atlas members can access stakes in the fast-growing technologies companies selected and grow their wealth as the sustainability transition is becoming the new normal around the globe in the new post covid world.

With the opening of the Atlas Ventures Program, you will be able to invest in these companies, (or simply become their client) and make yourself and your money part of the solutions to save our planet.

How to join Thursday’s announcement event:

You are invited to come online to meet the founders of these exciting companies, hear their business models, and learn more about how you can help them!

Here will be the event agenda: 

• Short Atlas Introduction (5 mins)

• Introduction of the 5 companies selected (5x5 mins)

• 12 Weeks Program Introduction from Atlas Team (10 mins)

• Audience Q&A (15 mins)

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