Djoann Fal @The Economist, Technology for Social Changes Asia

Today I go the chance to be invited to speak with the Economist for the first time. Here is the discussion!

In conversation with…The upskillers: Future-proofing jobs and skillsets in the era of data, AI, and automation.

Pre-record date and time: Wednesday, March 3rd 1345-1450 SGT

Session time [excl final tech check]: 50 minutes


  • Djoann Fal, Co-founder, GetLinks Group

  • Irwin Anand, Managing director, India, and APAC, Udemy

  • Jiadi Yu, Principal investment officer, International Finance Corporation

  • Oliver Tonby, McKinsey & Company, Chairman, Asia

Moderator: Janet Pau, Director, Hong Kong, The Economist Corporate Network

To discuss how to future-proof jobs and skillsets in the escalating digital era of data, AI, and automation. To assess the scale of the digital skills gap in Asia and offer solutions for retraining/upskilling.

Listen to the conversation