The podcast about how to thrive in the new normal

Next 10 years, how will you stay ahead of the curve?

How will you, your family, or your company survive environmental changes such as severe climate change events, radical technology disruptions, COVID & other pandemics, and the resulting political reshuffling next decade?

“The very nature of “Work” has changed, and the pace of its change is only accelerating. We need organizations to adapt, we need talents to adapt, we need to build an Adaptive Economy”

To survive and thrive in the next decade, you will need a cheat sheet, a crystal ball to foresee what industries will rise, what environmental changes will occur, what world you will be a part of, and what opportunities will be there for you. This is what will define your success in the next 10 years: as an observer or as a shaper.

This is what the Adaptive Economy has to answer, for my friends, my colleagues, and myself: to provide a simple, accessible overview of what are the things to come for you to be a part of and the many opportunities that will be here to catch in the next decade’s Adaptive Economy.

About the author:

Djoann is a French technology entrepreneur who lived across Asia, Europe, and Silicon Valley during the second internet bubble.

As a visionary entrepreneur, digital transformation guru, and proud geek, Djoann is passionate about forecasting the future and driving meaningful social changes in the world using technology.

Djoann co-founded GetLinks as CEO in when was 22 years old in a foreign region: South East Asia and after getting his company funded by Alibaba at age of 25, he has been recognized as one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in the region by media like Forbes, Tatler, Fast Company, New York Times, Reuters and many others. Sign up now so you don’t miss the first issue.

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