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Last few weeks we met Robert Downey Junior and some of Asia's wealthiest family offices to speak about how to support better the heroes building companies saving our planet with Atlas Society.

Hi, I’m Djoann Fal. I convene The Adaptive Economy by Atlas, a data-driven, positive, and most importantly solution-based business newsletter to help us understand how our lives, societies, and political economy will change under the force of rapidly changing climate and technology innovation. Congratulations, you are now among the 7000+ forward-thinking business leaders staying ahead of the curve by knowing in which industry to dedicate your time, money, and assets as you enter the 4th industrial era.

Gathering some of Thailand’s largest family office members, our launch of Atlas Society was just the beginning of something much bigger that was about to happen…

Zoom, Netflix, Clubhouse during the environmental collapse of our time.

Heat in our coldest forests, first-ever snow in random cities, viruses in the air we breathe, acid rains pouring on our heads, and general political conflicts shaking democracy around the world to top it up: it seemed like in 2020 everything was escalating… but in 2021, the “Collapse Party” did not stop there…

Asia, India, Jan 2021: The maximum temperatures soared 5-7 °C above the normal in Odisha, Chhattisgarh, and Jharkhand on January 9, according to data from the India Meteorological Department (IMD).
“We are also now starting to see how more frequent extreme rainfall events are already impacting the UK, showing that human-induced climate change is already having an impact on the weather we experience in the UK.” Nikos Christidis, Senior Climate Scientist in the Met Office Hadley Centre

Millennials and Gen Z’s young adults have only been roaming this planet for less than 40 years, and they have already had enough. What started as a ranting has turned into a global lawsuit executed against our parents. After all, they left us with an uninhabitable planet, governments riddled with debts, not enough work for most of us to make enough money to become owners. No income, no jobs, no planetary assets. I understand the anger of my generation.

GDP is slowing down all over the world. And the reason is productivity has been declining for over 20 years globally. The result: unemployment is very high, everywhere, and nowhere is it more pronounced than amongst the new millennials generation coming into the workforce. Our economists tell us we can look forward to slow productivity and slow growth in the next 20 years as well.

We have spilled massive amounts of CO2, Methanes, and Nitrous-oxides in the atmosphere, to create this industrial wave, these last 2 industrial revolutions and what we call “growth”. And now we have so much of these carbon-induced gas in the atmosphere, that this is blocking the sun’s heat from getting off the Earth. For every 1 degree that the temperature of the Earth goes up, because of Industry induced CO2 on the atmosphere, for every degree up, the atmosphere is actually sucking up 7% more of the water on the ground of the planet.

More prolongs summer droughts, wildfires in beautiful California every summer. We now have tornados in my hometown in the South of France. We have category 3,4 and 5 Hurricanes now, so dramatic that they are destroying infrastructure and killing people all around the world like in the Philippines in 2017. This is the new normal.

2020, we started the new decade with impressive and unprecedented images of wildfires carbonizing animals in Australia.

What is scarier than Zombies, Ghosts, and Witches that is real and doesn’t even make the headlines?

There have been 5 massive life extinctions of the earth during the last 450M years and each time the chemistry of the planet’s atmosphere shifted very quickly, this is why we call it a turning point and massive die out.

Scientists are now telling us that we are on the 6th extinction of life on earth. It doesn’t even make the headlines. Severe climate events are for sure happening more and more often in recent years. This is a fact.

From Dinosaurs to Neandertals, 99.5% of all the species that have ever been on this planet have come and gone. So why shall our humanity remain after all?

Should our generation simply give up? And waste their chances, aimlessly binging on social media, video games, and alcohol? Or should we see this as an opportunity to take action? In any case, we will need to find allies from the previous generations to make an impact.

But, we should not give up

We are the result of thousands of generations fighting their lives against cold, storms, creatures & prehistorical monsters, just to give us a shot. Would your ancestor give up on the Persian invasion a thousand years ago? Would your grand-grandfather give up to a global Nazi empire during World War 2? My grandma did not. So let’s fight the negativity and focus on creatively coming up with positives outcomes to make this sustainable, technology-powered new reality happen.

Guess what, I’m not the only one thinking this way. This guy does too:

I believed in the impossible & it happened! We had a chance to meet RDJ to share him about Atlas Society, 2 weeks after our launch in Bangkok!

There is a team who’s gonna fix this mess. There are millions of activists around the world who are building, making, saving the planet, every day.

Some of these will be found in Global shapers, Kairos Society, Impact Collective… Most of these heroes might be under the radar today: we want to put them on the spot, and that is why we started to interview them on our Youtube Channel.

Today these entrepreneurs, corporate managers, artists, and policymakers are isolated, they feel unheard from the majority and not supported.

Atlas Society is going to reconnect them together in our exclusive network.

Whoever you are, reader of this newsletter, you are concerned about the topic and mission of Atlas Society, because it is all about passing down a planet to your kids where they can breathe without a spacesuit.

Humanity is facing one of the largest threats there ever was your mission, if you accept it, - is not to create another fintech app - it is to save our planet.

It is happening now and will be a decisive turn for our species over the next 10 years.

Why us? Through analyzing the underlying nature of work, and specifically digital work - with GetLinks - over the past decade, I realized the mission I was embarking on was much bigger than just seeking to understand how the nature of work was redefined with technology: the whole way our society was operating, from producing food to recycling trashes need to be rethought with the incredible technology means we have today.

Looking at the bottom line, I found all the implications brought by the internet and our energy-dependent economy in our daily lives. I realized it wasn’t just the nature of work that was changing fundamentally, but also our entire set of values, principles ranging from freedom to power to property to consciousness of the impact of our economies on our planet. All this has changed and is about to change even further. I needed a compass to avoid getting lost in this chaos of information. And I think a lot of us do need that compass & share it with each other.

By talking with more than 900 CxOs the past 6 years, I have realized most of my peers working in Fortunes 500 companies, most of my peers working in Tech, and most of my peers in the art scene were all frustrated about not taking any actions to REGENERATE our biggest asset, planet Earth. Then I started to see some very successful people take the switch and start supporting sustainable tech businesses. Tech Entrepreneurs like Bill Gates for example, or also Hollowood celebrities like Robert Downey Jr, but also people like me, exited Ecommerce CEOs switched to tech Recycling.

Our terrific last few weeks with Atlas

Atlas Society is the movement to gather up all these leaders taking “saving the world” to the next level of concrete, practical execution around the planet.

Atlas Society is the place where Robert Downey Jr and Bill Gates will help the new generation of companies and people in the network to become the most successful leaders of 2030 by avoiding our environmental collapse. During the past few weeks we got the chance to meet with Robert Downey Jr and have him endorse our organization as an honorary member.

We hope to have our society work closely with impact funds like Footprint Coalition to refer them to investible companies as well as build up the profiles of heroes of the sustainability tech around the world. This is just the beginning!

Atlas Society has been only launched a few weeks ago, it is now an address book with already more than 50 of these top sustainability tech leaders and investors, across cities like New York City, Singapore, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Tokyo, Paris, London, Berlin, Montreal, Melbourne, Cape Town, Nairobi.

An exclusive address book with influencers & investors ready to put money to work on deep tech businesses that are climate-resilient, regenerative for our planet, and making money. So, what are you waiting for?

Join or start a chapter in your city

“We are monkeys on a flying rock traveling 30km/second around our sun”. And our planet Earth is so far a real oasis in the universe.