🔮 Highlights & wrap up of a bumpy January 2021 — The Adaptive Economy.

Crypto-art values skyrocket; Green Revolution giving higher returns than real estate (making Elon Musk happy); Davos's World Economic Forum exclusive highlights +3 Charts & The interview of the month.

Hi, I’m Djoann Fal. I convene The Adaptive Economy by Atlas, a data-driven, realistic, and positive business newsletter to help us understand how our lives, societies, and political economy will change under the force of rapidly changing climate and technology innovation. You are now among the 7000+ business leaders looking to stay ahead of the curve by knowing in which industry to dedicate your time, money, and assets as you enter the 4th industrial era.

This month

👨‍✈️ You have heard it right, but did you interpret it right? Yes, for the first time in human history, the United States President got suspended from Facebook and Twitter. Experts are already talking about seeing here, a historical moment for the tech industry, showcasing the potential power of internet companies to influence the faith of the governing power for most nations on the planet.

💵 Did January’s Riots in the US Capitol help Bitcoin value to go up? Is crypto tied up with the lack of trust in the US dollar in 2021? Faith in Bitcoin recently picked during the exact week of these national events that shook the US dollar, reaching 30,000$+ in January, coïncidence? I believe not; as the graph shows, Bitcoin went to its highest the very same morning Trump tweets were suggesting that Pence "has the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors", making Trump supporters converge in Washington, D.C. to protest the following day's electoral vote count at the capitol.

🗿 Crypto-art values skyrocket. What the **** is crypto art? This month, Rick & Morty Creator sold his art for Ethernum for $1.65 USD Million. Another example is ZHOU SHICHAO oil paintings, which are available to buy via Bitcoin on Monart.art. Is crypto art the new way for crypto billionaires to store assets? Learn more about Crypto arts & NFTs in February with our upcoming podcast interview.

💬 Listening to the market’s weak signals, a new era of Social networks has begun. On January 12, updates to Whatsapp’s privacy terms & conditions started the Whatsapp Scandal. Info or Hoax? It did not matter because shortly after, Elon Musk has even jumped into the fray, tweeting last week “Use Signal” to his more than 42 million followers. As the controversy grew, Signal has become one of the most downloaded apps on Android and iOS. The same month Clubhouse, a social podcasting app invaded Europe & became the most downloaded app on German iOS.

🤴 After a historical 743.1% Stock Value Growth for Tesla in 2020, Elon must become the richest man in the world, supplanting Jeff Besos. It seems like Impact Tech Entrepreneurship, trying to solve humanity's climate change & other challenges is paying high! Welcome to The Adaptive Economy!

Meanwhile, it seems that now is the time to think about what history will say about our generation's response during this crisis. And looking at the stock price of Tesla, it seems that the sustainable path seems to be more attractive for investors (or at least to the next upcoming bubble)!

🏛 World Economic Forum was happening online for the first time in history from January 25-29. With their new agenda “The Great Reset”, we read some rumors about world leaders aiming to take advantage of the global pandemic to reduce people's individual freedom and increase data tracking on the excuse of COVID19. On February 16th — for my birthday & the online launch of Atlas Capital — we will be honored to welcome the chair of the World Economic Forum Center of the 4Th Industrial Revolution and interview him about The Great Reset and the outputs of the Davos event. Come ask live questions! Book the live interview on your calendar for the 16th Feb at 11 am ICT!

👩‍🚀 Want to discover the real heroes of the Technology world? Watch the story of Nattapak Atichartakarn, serial Thai tech entrepreneur. After successfully building a series A company, Deliveree Thailand, he exited and went to do some surfing in Bali, just to realize a bigger problem needed to be solved: plastic in the Ocean. Discover how his new company, Trash Lucky is disrupting the recycling industry of the world's 4th largest plastic polluter: Thailand.

💯 January saw the first episode of our Atlas Podcast, showcasing underdog heroes taking concrete actions to solve the environmental, economic, technological, and social challenges of our generation. Thanks to experienced media TV anchor Jett Gunther for joining the Atlas team! We will include one (ish) podcast episode per newsletter for your pleasure! Help us by subscribing here!


2020 started with the world’s media being hit by massive bushfires in Australia, and this burning Koala video. Unfortunately, we now know that the horrible reality TV show of 2020 was just kicking off its first teaser episode. In 2019, I wrote in The Adaptive Economy that the 2020’s decade will be severely hit by severe climate change events, serious political shuffling, and technology disruption. But seeing this really happening has been frightening. I now really hope my predictions will not happen as much as the readers of the book have noticed and I promise here that as a baptized Christian, I’m not tied up to any kind of black magic. 

Now let’s look at data to best prepare & adapt for our future, together.

🌪 In The Adaptive Economy book, I mentioned that the number of extreme weather events will increase in the next 10 years due to climate change:

2020 saw a new unprecedented wave of hurricanes, floods, and wildfires in the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, and around the planet. This is not the subject of debate or speculations anymore, and you can now watch it live on TV’s new reality show:

In The Adaptive Economy book, I quote geopolitical experts predicting serious political reshuffling shaking nations & the business world as we know it:

Did you know that while we were only on January 3rd, Trump almost kicked off the III World War by drone killing Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani while purportedly on his way to meet Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi in Baghdad?

One month later, the COVID19 pandemic reached a global level of alert, being spread by tourists flying for the Chinese new year. Yellow Vests in France, Hong Kong protests, Thailand protests, Black Lives Matter, Trump voters causing anarchy in the US capitol, ended the year with democracy shaking in the Western World. This we all know (and don’t want to hear about again urf!).

🤐 What you don’t know…  From April to June, 14% of the global active workforce lost their jobs and income to feed their families.  150m people were thrown back into poverty, just in one year. Meanwhile, the world's richest saw their wealth climb 27.5% to $10.2trn (£7.9trn) from April to July this year, according to a report from Swiss bank UBS.

🌋 The knowledge access gap between “The haves” and “ the have nots”, has and will widen more. And by widening this digital gap, access to knowledge is reduced in the lower middle class and an underprivileged segment of our nations, hence the result: increasing extremism. The “have nots”, are easily persuaded by listening to extreme nationalists or religious speeches that then destabilize democracy. Trump and the US Capitol event, the rise of terrorism events like the people getting beheaded, even in my own hometown this year, is the result of this widening knowledge access gap in a social media hyper information era. History might be repeating itself, on different continents.

🧠 For the first time in our millennial’s experience, we are the spectators of serious economic, environmental, and societal movements that are threatening the peaceful way of living we’ve had for the past 80 years.

But it has also proved that when we need to, we can adapt rapidly and coordinate on a global level to restructure how we live

We adapted & found a vaccine for the virus, but how will we adapt to extreme climate events, AI disruption, or the dismantlement of several democracies in the next coming years? 

There is no vaccine for democracy falling to extremism. There is no vaccine for climate-induced hurricanes. It is time to realize what’s going on, prepare & adapt.


You were more than one hundred investors, entrepreneurs, CxOs, corporate leaders & academics to pre-order the book in 2020!

Thank you for your pictures & encouraging messages. Every word motivates my brain & my team to continue writing! Here are some particular ones I really appreciated:

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—” Reading The Adaptive Economy helped me shape our country 2025 strategy with my executive team by adding data for some key opportunities/threads we did not consider earlier in our company digital transformation agenda” From a Fortune 500 corporate executive.

—” With the global pandemic, Trump, Greta Thunberg, etc, I have felt completely lost this year. The Adaptive Economy positive tone & outlook of the future helped me see the world from different lenses & share this positivity and outlook with my close friends & workmates.” From Nicha.

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