💸 6 GreenTech companies & initiatives you can invest in South East Asia today 🍃

+ Bonus video: Why sustainability tech might be a better investment than Bitcoins...

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As ESG become so hot (as predicted 1 year ago in my book), lots of people talking about Greentech but no one has a concrete example of investible companies in SEA. Here you go!

Investing in Bitcoins or Sustainability Tech?

Let this video blow your mind this Sunday: Interview of a $100m ESG fund manager on why Sustainable Tech is already the big investment trend in the Silicon Valley and Beyond, and “why this has a better ROI than investing in Bitcoins next 5 years”. PS: Watch especially at 13 mins & onwards!

6 Sustainable Tech investments deals in SEA

An IoT company started in Bali that gamifies plastic collection for recycling? A hydroponic farm & agriculture automation company in Thailand? A Studio Venture Building the next Tesla in Singapore? South East Asia has a lot going on, but it is under the radar. And if you too, are bored of hearing news about Shopee or Grab, keep reading below!

  • Saving the ocean through recycling — Every Thai national on average uses 3000 plastic bags per year, this is 12 times more than the average citizen of the European Union. Thailand being the world's 6th top plastic polluting country, it is no surprise that the recently exited ECommerce entrepreneur, Nattapak Atichartakarn started Trashlucky, An IoT company that gamifies recycling collection for the masses. Trashlucky is currently fundraising, get in touch by contacting Atlas team— Watch the founder interview

  • A Green Tech Startup Studio — Rich Asian families are pouring millions into GreenTech investing. Ironically none of this cash is deployed in Asia because of “the lack of concrete VC-friendly GreenTech companies in the region” question mark. Jumanji, a Singapore-based startup studio, is fixing that issue by putting together experienced tech entrepreneurs to build the next GreenTech Unicorn in SEA. One of their company which I find particularly exciting is selling recycled plastic to industrials and could complement the recycling collection company mentioned earlier. — Watch the founder interview

  • Biotech Plastic replacement — RWDC Industries Limited, a Singapore-based biotech start-up providing a solution to the world’s single-use plastic crisis, announced today the closing of a US$133 million two-stage Series B funding round. — More info & Leader contact

  • Food Waste Management Yindii collects unsold meals approaching consumption deadlines & offers them at 50% discounted prices at designated food pick-up spots. Yindii is currently fundraising, get in touch by contacting Atlas team Watch their video

  • Alternative proteins for animal feed Do you know that the world's biggest cricket farm is based in Chiang Mai Thailand? SenseFood (AKA CricketLab) is the supplier of high-end cricket flour processing for global buyers in Asia, Europe & North America. SenseFood is currently fundraising, get in touch by contacting Atlas team- Watch the video

  • Clean Water technology — Malaysian-based Saora Industries provides technology solutions that produce clean drinkable water that is economically and environmentally sustainable. — More info

Building a high ROI portfolio and a better world?

Lots of my colleagues told me they were looking for a way to put their savings money to work with better returns than real estate or crypto. Some other of my acquaintances told me they wanted to use their wealth to be in a position of influence. Some others simply told me they wanted to be ahead of the curve and invest in the next big thing.

“At Atlas, we do not want to approach the climate crisis as a problem: Atlas wants to approach the climate crisis as a market - a multi-trillion-dollar market - in which products are becoming available to resolve the market demand.” Djoann Fal.

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